Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mutual Masturbation Facts and Statistics

I read Seven Pints by Conran Thomas again a couple of days ago, so I thought it was about time I shared this little gem of a book with you guys again.

Remember, you can get a hold of this ONLY from But here's a little tip; you can get a discount if you check it out from the B8M8 Network. Shhh, don't tell everyone. :)

So just in case you're not aware of what Seven Pints is all about, Conran Thomas began some research a little while ago because he noticed a very large number of guys who state that they're heterosexual wanted to have a wank with another guy.

As this isn't considered widespread, he began to wonder what these guys specifically enjoy, how they view their sexuality and how far they'd go in a male/male encounter.

And so he began his surveys.

Hundreds of self-identified heterosexual men from around the world were invited to answer a series of questions about the porn they enjoy, their experiences with other guys, their fantasies and their opinions.

To say that the results were interesting is an understatement. Hundreds of heterosexual guys taking part openly admitted to fantasizing about their male friends. Many admitted they'd love to wank with their buddy. Plenty said that they did or do wank with a buddy. And most admit to enjoying porn of guys stroking their dick!

What was the conclusion? Masturbation is possibly the most common fetish for men regardless of sexuality. Conran believes this research suggests that men have a distinct fetish for cock. They don't consider sexuality, they don't believe themselves to be bisexual or gay, and they certainly don't want to fuck a guy. Quite simply, most men have a fetish for cock, outside of their recognized sexuality.

With hundreds of straight guys answering hundreds of questions about their cock, their wanking habits, their appreciation of other guys dicks and their fantasies about jerking off with another guy, Seven Pints is a great read for any guy remotely interested in dick, jerking off and sexuality in general.

Think your straight buddy wouldn't get his cock out and stroke with you? THINK AGAIN!



  1. I bought this a little while ago and it answered a lot of questions I had about my own sexuality.
    I've always loved seeing cock. Don't get me wrong, I love pussy! But there has always been an appreciation for seeing cock too.
    When I read this (an impulse buy) I discovered I'm actually pretty normal. Guys don't admit it, but so many are just like me, we have a fetish for cock and it's as simple as that.

    Reading this has helped me a lot and I'm now a member of some groups and have met up with some really cool guys just like me to share some wanking fun.
    Instead of just watching porn and replaying cum shots to satisfy my love of cock, I now get to actually watch porn with other straight guys and enjoy a good wank with them without worrying about what it means.

  2. Two, tree, etc. boys wanking togheter, are NOT a heterosexual event, even les than i sayed before if the event consist on mutual jo, and even simply touching not genital area.
    I can' t imagine what's the reason why those things are apparted out off the homosexuality in the 21th century. I think... i'm SURE that it is a new form of mental disease (to say "i'm straight boy, but i love to masturbate whit boys")- NOT GIRLS-And say " i love the pressence of others boys dicks, and cum togheter, but i am heterosexual hundred per cent". Nobody can believe it!!. Bad auto-knowledge of the own mind and body and mental disorder too.
    Please, stop right now, or the autentic heterosexual population may back to distroy our own freedom ( how decades of hundred of citizen and legal battles in the past... for nothing?). No please.
    From Spain to all my friends in the States and all over the world.

  3. I apologize about the typographic errors. I hope that you understand, and don't take offence at my kind to express whit any aid. And i would like to express my faith about your capability to read in spanish better than i doin' in english/ american text.