Sunday, 28 February 2010

My Straight Mate Jason - Round Three

You'll need to go back through the tags to read up on my first two sessions with my straight mate Jason, but here I'm gonna tell you all about the third time we stroked together.

We'd done the stroking thing twice, the second time he'd grabbed my cock and stroked me too.

I don't normally go much further than jerking off with a guy. I don't do anal sex. I don't know why but it's never been something that interests me beyond toys. I love having an anal probe up my arse, and the Bad Boy Prostate Massager is one of my favorite mens sex toys.
But anal fucking is never high on my list of things to do with a bloke.

Usually, my bating friendships go from wanking with a guy in the room, to wanking each other, to me sucking them off, and sometimes them sucking me. It depends on the guy, some will stop at me sucking them, but most end up far too curious about sucking dick and end up going to town on my rod too. It does usually take a few sessions before they reach that point though.

That's how I expected my bating with Jason to go.

So on the third session I figured I might try to see if he'd let me suck his cock.

After a night down the pub we ended up coming back to my place and things followed their usual path. I'd recently bought a new bluetooth gadget that lets me surf the net from my sofa, and we explored the internet for a while. For the first time I let Jason know some of my favorite places on line, sites that focus on guys wanking, some bisexual sites, and he seemed to really like it.
I knew he was one of those guys who had a fetish about cock and wanking. Like many straight guys there's this fascination with dick that crosses a lot of borders.

I don't know how long it took, but it seemed pretty quick. We were very quickly both naked, stroking our cocks to some bisexual porn. Jason lubed up his meat and then reached over and grabbed my cock in his slick fist. I returned the favour and we wanked each other for a while.

I kind of knew what was going to happen in the porn next. I'd seen it before. But you never know how a straight guy is going to respond to it. Some just want to skip forward, some really get into it, some are hard to read.

The two guys in the porn had so far only stroked each other, and focussed mainly on their female co-star. But now, they went to town on the others cock.

Like I said, you never really know how a straight guy is going to respond to seeing that kind of porn. But the moment the guys on screen started sucking on their mates helmet, slicking up and down their long cocks and sucking on the others balls, I could feel Jason's cock twitching in my slowly pumping fist.

I'll admit I wasn't sure how to progress, so I just asked. "You ever had a guy suck you off before?"
He glanced at me, grinned, and said "Nope. Is it true that guys do it better? My girlfriends shit at sucking me"

So I asked him if he wanted me to.

I leaned over, gripped his dick in my fist and slowly licked the tip where the slit leaked pre-cum. Then, without a moment of hesitation I swallowed his cock half way.
I felt him shudder and heard him sigh as I sucked on his pole. The head nudged the back of my throat as I opened up and engulfed his long meat as far as I could.

I enjoyed the slightly salty taste of his cock, mixed with the slightly flavored lube. I tongued the ridge and licked at the folds of foreskin.

Then he told me to stop.

I thought that was it.

Until he said "let me try it".

We positioned ourselves on the floor, kind of mechanically, but still laughing and behaving like blokes trying to fix something. We lay side-by-side, playing with the other cock in front of us. Then I felt his warm mouth slowly and tentatively take my cock in.
For a novice, he was really good. He licked and sucked perfectly. Humming now and then with pleasure as I serviced his uncut cock in return.

Of course, it didn't take long until we were both on the edge and we slowed and sped up to try to match pace.
I told him to stop a couple of times as I came close. I told him I wanted to cum when he did.

That seemed to do it. He stopped sucking just long enough to breathlessly say "I'm gonna cum any second", before going back down on my cock and sucking it hard and fast, swirling his tongue around my helmet.

I'd already decided I'd let hm cum in my mouth, but when I felt his cock pulsate and stiffen like an iron pole, I felt I had to warn him and I stopped sucking to tell him I was gonna shoot.
He stopped sucking and started jerking my cock furiously, licking at the tip as I copied him and returned the gesture. That's the moment his cock started firing cum at me.

I watched cautiously as I felt my own dick start firing off, the waves of ecstasy flooding through me as each convulsion sprayed more jizz at my mate. He carried on stroking, groaning as his own dick throbbed in my hand, squirting white spunk over my face and chest.

I felt him lick at the tip of my squirting dick, rubbing the helmet against his cheek, spreading my jizz around his face.

I hadn't expected it, and it made me even hornier to see him enjoying my cum so much.

As the waves of pleasure subsided we each sucked the others softening cock, tasting the salty cum on the slick dick of our mate. We lay there for a while, exhausted and satifsied, spattered with the jizz of the other, playing with it and petting the others semi-hard cock.

That was the first time he'd sucked cock. But it wasn't the last. In fact, a couple of hours later, after a shower and some re-fuelling, we had a second round.


  1. wow what a hot story!