Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hung stud Andy Lee wanking at BlokeToys

I just fund out that one of my all time favorite straight uncut hunks (I have a few faves!) has been enjoying some masturbators from the BlokeToys site in the UK, and I wanted to let you guys know about it. Why is he one of my faves? For a start he's a straight guy who wanks a lot with his straight mates. He's been in a lot of jack off porn in the UK stroking his cock with friends and even wanking with his brother too. He has a big fucking cock too, and he's uncut. To make it even hotter he shoots massive messy cum loads everywhere when he lets his spooge splash out! He's apparently made one video for BlokeToys already, enjoying a Big Mouth masturbator and shooting a cum load, and now they have another toy on the way to him for another video. Check out some pics of Andy below and click through to check him out at BlokeToys.

Friday, 23 January 2015

My New Sex Toy - Zini Dib Bang Bang

I did it. I spent a while thinking about whether I could justify spending so much money on a sex toy, and then I went for it and I bought my own Zini Dib Bang Bang.

About a month ago I hooked up with a mate of mine for some wanking fun after not stroking off together for about three months, and I got the chance to try out his Dib Bang Bang for the first time, and man was I impressed!

I have a good collection of toys, with lots of sleeves and a couple of fleshjacks, but this robotic sucking and wanking machine blew my mind! We were planning for a long wank sesh together, so after sliding my cock into this thing I had to stop myself after a few minutes, otherwsie I would have flooded it with my cum pretty quickly.

So, when I got home from that weekend I was on the net and looking into buying my own, and I saw the price of it. I was pretty pissed off about that, but after trying it I understand why. This is the most advanced mens sex toy I have ever seen, and the most pleasurable I had ever experienced.

After a lot of wondering I finally bought my own, and I just stroked out my third cum load using it since it arrived yesterday morning.

I would really recommend one if you can afford it. I know they can be expensive, but I definitely think it's worth the money.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Check out this amazing uncut man meat!

I often see dicks out there around the net that I would love to stroke and suck on, and when I saw this gorgeous uncut cock covered in veins and looking so hot I knew you guys would appreciate seeing it too. This dude has an amazing cock, one I would love to stroke and suck on for hours, edging him and eventually making him cum a massive load ;)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Andrea Suarez wanking solo!

I know we're normally all about the cock on cock action here, but I had to mention this video of Andrea Suarez stroking his long uncut dick in a locker room solo. Man this guy is totally hot, I would love to shoot a load with this guy! There's a trailer after the jump that is well worth seeing ;)

Friday, 31 January 2014

Check out my best wanking toy for mutual fun - the Aquamarine Hand Job Stroker

I had to add another post when I discovered how many mutual masturbation toys I had for wanking with my buddies. I know I've shared some of the best ones on here a long time ago, but there's more in my collection now and the guys at BlokeToys have been adding a lot more wanking toys for guys to share over the last few months.

So, here's one of the best ones I have these days, it's the Aquamarine Hand Job Stroker, and it's great for guys to both sink their cocks into at the same time.

One of my wanking friends bought me this toy about three months ago, and every time he comes over we watch some porn and both slide our cocks into it, one in each end. The feeling of our dicks meeting in the middle and sliding over each others foreskin covered heads is so intense we really have to take it slow.

I can't count the number of times we've both pumped out our cum loads into the middle of this toy at the same time, with our dick heads swimming in our combined cumshots.

Even using this toy on my own gets me cumming so hard I have to be careful where my cock is aiming! lol

You should definitely check this out if you live in the UK. I don't know if you can get this in the US.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Boys Jerking Together In The Mens Room [VIDEO]

I love the amateur videos guys film of themselves jerking off with a stranger in a mens room. These are two really hot looking cocks, with some foreskin in the action too. Love the oozing cum load at the end!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Straight Buddies Stroking With Fleshlights

You guys know I fucking love the Fleshlight, and when I see a hot shoot with some guys enjoying them too I have to share it around and get more guys hooked on it. This shoot has everything for me... two straight buddies, hard and hung cocks, loads of cum, and the tasty Fleshlight fun too!

These guys are best buddies, but when they were asked to get in front of the cameras and jerk off together they were a little unsure about it. Both of the guys are totally straight, and while you'd think that two good friends would have done all of this together already, these guys haven't.
So although they were reluctant, when they were offered the chance to jerk off with a Fleshlight they were actually pretty interested in it and the concerns about them beating their meat together just melted away. Surprisingly, both guys are rock hard the moment those straight guy cocks are out in the open, and when they start jerking off with those toys they really get into it.
All guys love fucking those things, and I guess that's why they're the global best seller, but there's plenty of evidence of how hot they are when the guys each stand and stroke over the table and splash their hot cum loads.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Straight Guy Felix Jerked Off

We all love those shoot of straight guys having their dick jerked off by another guy don't we? I found this new one over on the Buzz West site and wanted to share some of their images with you. The guy is in the pool, and he's always horny. His cock gets hard and he hops out of the pool to relax.
When Felix is offered some lube those hands start to apply it for him. He doesn't seem to mind though, and as he has his cock stroked for him by slippery hands he really gets into it and just relaxes with the feeling.
Check out the cum load this guy has, he shoots huge! And watch as he tries to dodge the cum spurts as they fly from his throbbing cock and are aimed right at his face :)

And although he's straight, having his cock stroked by another guy seems to do something for him, because he's soon groping to feel the hard dick of his new friend as he has his meat pleasured for him :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Two Sailors Jerking Together

Wes was the guy who was planning to make some cash with a jerk off video over at Buzz West, and when he finally managed to get the time to head into the studio he had a slightly curious buddy join him. I think it might actually have been for moral support, but whatever the reason for him tagging along, Anthony was planing to just sit in on the shoot and see what it was all about.
Wes is pretty confident, and he suggests that as Anthony is gonna be sitting there anyway he might as well join him for a jerking session.

Before you know it these two sailors are on the bed, side-by-side, hauling out their hot cocks and jerking themselves off!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Straight Jay Hall Stroked And Sucked Too!

The guys over at English Lads have done it again with this great shoot. Jay Hall is back, and he's looking hotter than ever! Where did all that massive muscle come from?!
He's been exploring things more and more with each visit, but this time he's got the hunky young gay dude Dan Broughton beside him, and he's about to have his uncut cock licked and sucked for him for the very first time! (by another dude).

If you love watching straight guys having their dicks serviced, you'll want to see the sucking Dan gives Jay in this one. Check out that heavy splashing cum load Jay spurts all over Dan's face! It's hot enough to make Dan explode when he feels that cum raining down on him.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Josh and Andy wanted to earn some cash, so the two straight Marines hooked up with the guys at Buzz West to do some solo jerking videos. They weren't planning to do anything together, but when they were told there was only time to shoot one of them they agreed to jerk off together!

They had a little off-camera inspiration in the form of a hot chick to share their stroking with, and while the guys beat their meat she put on a little show for them. Poor Josh was so horny that the moment she got her tits out to flash the guys he unloaded a hot cum shot!
Far from being the end of his action, he just went right on stroking his shaft and built up a second cum load! Andy catches up with his buddy and just as Josh shoots his second round of semen he unloads too, timing their jism perfectly.

Josh is one really horny dude, and it seems he has plenty of cum in those balls because he strokes out another load in the shower too!

One of the best things about this video is watching the straight guys checking out their buddy while he strokes his cock. I'll bet with a little time and a little more cash they'd be up for stroking their buddy's cock for him.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Straight Dude Sucking Married Buddy!

I really love to see guys jerking off together, and while that's our theme here, I couldn't stop myself from adding some pics of this really hot video of two straight guys who take it a bit further.
Frank and Garrett have stroked their cocks together in their last video, but for this one they took things a lot further as Garrett is chosen to taste a hard cock for the first time. And while his straight buddy might be married, you can tell he's never had a cock sucking quite as good as this before!

Garrett is actually really good at sucking cock! And you can tell he's really enjoying it too as he strokes his own thick and uncut meat while he slides his lips down that thin shaft and tastes the precum leaking over his tongue!