Monday, 22 March 2010

Guys using a Fleshlight Together

It should be clear by now that I love the Fleshlight. I'm a massive fan. So I thought I'd add a few more fantastic images of guys appreciating it. And to stay in theme, they appreciate it together! Also, I've added the complete guide to the Fleshlight and Fleshjack below after the images. So you can learn (almost) all there is to know about this amazing wanking toy...

The Ultimate Fleshlight Guide...

The Fleshlight and Fleshjack are a collection of sex toys designed for men on the principal of insertion of the penis while not intending to replicate the sensation of vaginal intercourse.
In many instances, men's sex toys are designed to mimic the anatomy and/or sensations of vaginal sex. The makers of the Fleshlight and Fleshjack chose to focus more on the sensations rather than attempt to copy the natural form, although they did attempt this with the Fleshlight Girls range and introduced the Lotus insert which is intended to feel like intercourse. This is widely viewed by Fleshlight">fleshlight fans as a failed attempt, and many still prefer the many other textures.
Many men view such masturbatory toys as more pleasurable than those intending to simulate actual sexual intercourse.
While the inner texture itself is not designed to mimic true sensations of sex, the outer appearance of different Fleshlight's depict such anatomical detail as a vagina, a mouth and an anus, while the Fleshjack presents a pair of rounded buttocks. There is also a "non descriptive" version which is simply a slot opening, this is referred to as the "Stealth" model.

Named for its flesh-like inner material and the fact that the outer case mimics a standard (but slightly larger) flashlight, the Fleshlight is designed and produced by Interactive Life Forms (ILF).

The cases for the flesh-like inserts can be purchased separately, and are available in many colours and styles. As are the flesh-like inserts.
There are often new additions to the range of inserts, and many fans of this sex toy collect them for their various different sensations. The textured inner sleeves of the fleshlight include versions such as:
Speed Bump - a fleshy tube of raised bumps
Wonder Wave - series of raised ridges within the sleeve
Vortex - a criss-cross of raised ridges becoming narrow and wider repeatedly
Cyclone - a spiral of thicker ridges becoming narrower
Super Tight - Tighter smooth surface (or textured when associated with variation)
Ultra Tight - Very tight insert
Super Ribbed - closely set and prominent ridges
Touch - Raised nodules set at an angle facing the penetrating member
Original - Plain and smooth inner surface
Lotus - carefully structured and intended to imitate vaginal intercourse

There are often new insert textures produced, and new novelty orifice designs too. Stranger versions have included the "Succu Dry", an orifice which depicted a vampire mouth with fangs, and an "Alien Vagina" which was metallic green/blue and is believed to have been an advertising tactic.

Inserts are available in Pink, Mocha, Natural (generally restricted to the Fleshlight Girls range) and ICE. The Fleshlight ICE insert is relatively transparent and, when combined with a clear Fleshlight Case, allows the user to see their penis within the insert while masturbating. This is commonly appreciated by men who masturbate together or with female partners.

The Fleshlight Girls collection is a selection of Fleshlights with openings molded from actual female adult stars. They are supplied in a natural skin tone, and with a pearlescent case.

The new Fleshjack Vibro range include three vibrating bullets with specific locations around the entry point for insertion of these bullets to create added sensation.

In addition to the existing Fleshlight Product, the makers also created the Mr. Limpy, a real-feel penis in various sizes, and the Fleshight Motion, a large stable base unit for gripping the Fleshlight while the user penetrates the toy.

The only difference between the Fleshlight and the Fleshjack is that the Fleshjack is actively marketed to a gay male audience. The advertising graphics and branding for the Fleshjack depict men while the advertising for the Fleshlight generally depicts female models.

The marketing for the Fleshlight and Fleshjack has been extensive. The makers quickly created partnerships with some of the leading adult brands, allowing a male audience to actively witness the Flehslight being used by male adult stars. This strategy has continued, with Fleshlight supplying their products to be used in solo and mutual male masturbation pornography and even in live masturbation shows at adult events, where a collection of male stars of the adult industry masturbate together on stage using the Fleshlight in their routine.

Using the Fleshlight/Fleshjack

The Fleshlight and Fleshjack are designed for insertion of the penis, and stimulation of the erection through a standard masturbation movement.
The plastic case has a screw top at the wider end which hides the orifice. Once this cap is removed, the lubricated penis is inserted into the opening (Vagina, Mouth, Anus and "Stealth"), and the inner texture stimulates the surface of the shaft and the tip of the penis through the application of a rhythmic motion.

The plastic case also has another screw cap at the thinner end which can be adjusted during use to increase or decrease the suction experienced within the inner sleeve.

When finished, the entire unit can be disassembled for disposing of ejaculate and thorough cleaning. The Fleshlight is then stored for use in the future.

The Fleshlight is considered to be extremely durable, and it is recommended that the material be maintained by applying cornstarch, baby powder or talcum powder. This helps to reduce the stickiness of the Fleshlight material.
Likewise, it is recommended that only water-based lubricants be used with the Fleshlight and Fleshjack, as silicone based products gradually weaken the structure of the material and will cause damage.

The pricing of the Fleshlight and Fleshjack varies wildly depending on location, style of insert, and included elements (such as lubricant, vibrating bullet and case etc).

The Fleshlight is the number one male sex toy on the planet. Over 1 million have been sold to date, making it the most successful sex toy ever marketed to men.
Owners of the Fleshlight often buy more than one, becoming dedicated fans and wishing to experiment with new textures and sensations. Customers regularly promote the Fleshlight to their friends and an extensive community of Fleshlight users exists on the internet.


  1. I use one regularly with a mate, it's fantastic, just like having a good shag.