Thursday, 11 November 2010

2 Hung and Hot Military Guys Stroke and Suck!

Petty Officer Nick and Private First Class Roman are two hot, muscled and horny guys taking a break from service to enjoy a good jerking session in front of some porn. The two are paired up for our enjoyment, creating a hot scene that I doubt either quite expected!


Although Nick is in the Navy and Roman the Army, they seem to have no problem teaming up and they get the session moving by sharing what they like to do with the ladies.

Both are straight, but they admit that sometimes, needs become urgent. They both admit that they've enjoyed a bit of man-on-man action during their time in service!

While Roman openly shares that he loves to suck cock (more than going down on a girl!) Nick has never had a cock between his lips.


The guys start off with watching some porn and massaging their bulges as they grow hotter and harder. Roman is the first to make the move, unzipping and hauling out his man-meat for his buddy to sneak peeks at. This spurs Nick on and he follows his lead, easing out his own considerable cock.


It's not long before Roman gives up on watching the porn, preferring to openly gaze in appreciation at Nicks hot cock and low hanging balls as he strokes.
The gazing soon becomes inadequate and he asks his new buddy if he needs any help with his big tool.


As soon as Nick agrees to some help with his big dick, Roman decides a hand isn't enough, and leans in to engulf Nicks hot dick in his mouth, sucking greedily.


Nick relaxes with Roman's hot mouth servicing his tool.


As an expert cock-sucker, Roman does himself proud and before long Nick is moaning in ecstasy as his new bud lays back to receive Nick's hot load of cum all over his face and chest!


  1. That was really hot. The Uncut guy really made me
    crazy. His cock is so sweet looking I wanted to just put it in my throat and sleep with it there.
    I wanted to suck on the skin like candy. He had a body like mine also. I have a big Puerto Rican cock with skin, and it's very fat and long. I love to get sucked also; but I love to suck, only uncut cocks! Later! Mikey D