Saturday, 11 December 2010

A new wanking buddy - Part 1

So I have my regular wanking buddies that I meet through the B8M8 Network and through some guys I wank with already.
Normally I am reluctant to try to get to know a stranger as a wanking buddy.

But, on this occasion I bit the bullet and went for it.

It started about three months ago.
This new guy appeared at the gym. You tend to notice new people when you go regularly like me. I stick to my usual slot after work and so I'm used to the same faces (and dicks). You get one or two new guys a week, but most don't normally make it past a few days.

So it was a Thursday evening when I arrived and walked into the locker room at just the right time. This new guy was standing at the bench right in front of my usual locker, just a few doors down. As I walked up we greeted momentarily with a "hey" just as he dropped his jeans to his ankles.

I'm not normally too friendly with guys. I'm not one of those people who can just approach anyone and start a conversation. So needless to say I didn't continue on further than that one word as I opened my locker and started to strip.
It was a little difficult I have to say.
Normally I'm all about the cock. I don't really care if a guy is built like a male model or has just the perfect trail of hair from his navel to his shaft, but this guy was simply too hot to look at for too long. As I stole glimpses of him as he fumbled around storing things in his locker (a good sign that he'd rented it long-term like me!) I fixated on the bulge in his white boxers and immediately felt myself getting hard.

That's another thing I don't like to do. I mean I have no problem getting hard in the shower room, but I'd prefer not to in the open locker area right next to a new guy I've never seen before.
Even though I didn't want to get hard knowing I'd be stripping of any moment, I couldn't help but stare and almost will the unbuttoned fly of his boxers to slip fully open.
I could see a small pink line of dick flesh along the slightly open fly as his dick curved against the front of his shorts.
Suddenly, he gripped the waistband and dropped them.

His floppy cock hung there, a thick and soft and perfectly smooth 7 inch dick. And that's when his phone rang.

He sat down on the bench and greeted the caller, in a thick Polish accent.
His long cock lay between his muscled thighs, the low balls acting like a cushion to lift the covered head up and out in front of him a little.

That's something else I must say right now... I am a sucker for foreskin (quite literally on some occasions). I love it. The more foreskin there is the better, and this guy had one of those smooth and long foreskins that gathers up into a hot spout over the tip.
The shaft was perfectly smooth and pale, one of those long cocks that is almost entirely blemish-free, seemingly veinless, smooth and soft from the thick root along the shaft, over the slight ridge white the cock head starts beneath, and then over the rounded curve before it gathers into the creases of skin in that tight spout.

I snapped back to reality as I realised I couldn't hang around anymore. My cock was rock solid in my trousers and I quickly stripped and climbed into my trackies, making sure my boner was carefully held by the waistband of my boxers.
I walked into the gym and didn't see him again that day.

A couple of weeks later I had finished my workout and stripped in the slightly busy locker room. I threw a towel over my shoulder and walked to the showers. That’s' something I don't have a problem with. I have a nice body and a nice dick (in my opinion) and so I don't tend to hide it unless it's hard.

I walked into the open shower and there was "Mr Poland 2010", half way along the wall, standing under a hot jet of water, soaping up his muscled body.
For the first time I noticed his tribal tattoo's. That's another thing I'm hot for.

I took a spot a few feet from him and tried to carry on without making my glances too obvious. That's something I love about the showers, you can take long and slow looks at a guy without him being too aware of it. And so I took the opportunity to admire his body. It was clear he worked out a lot, probably more than me. He was big, but not too big, even athletic a little. He had a neat line of light hair from his navel to the base of his cock, where he obviously trimmed and kept it neat.

Again, I was hard. And just as I was enjoying the thought of watching him slide that foreskin back to wash the helmet beneath, he turned off the water, smiled again briefly as he passed and he was gone.

I didn't see him again for about a week, keeping myself distracted and horny with my other buddies. But I admit I was thinking of him a few times a day now, eager to see if I could get anywhere near that hot dick of his.

Then the fun began...