Sunday, 12 December 2010

Three Straight Buddies Jerk and Cum for the Camera

These three young guy are all friends. That's right, three straight mates who have no problem getting their cocks out and having a good long stroking session!
Mateo, Johnny and Marcus are not particularly shy, and if their stories are to be believed, they are very sexually adventurous, eager to get their dicks in anything wet and warm.

The boys start off by doing something that boys do well; making a mess of the room they're in. But they soon move on to doing something boys do even better; stroking their hard cocks!
Cocky and confident the boys fool around, stripping off and joking with each other. But before too long, rock hard cocks are out in the open!
The boys compare a little, gripping those hard shafts for the camera to get them all in shot as they gawp down at their three dicks jutting out in front of them.

Pretty soon though these guys are really into it, stroking along those solid poles and sneaking glimpses of their buddies in action as they pleasure their lubed and slippery meat. 
And those are some awesome looking cocks on show, thick and veiny. So hard they could probably hurt each other if they had a sword fight (oh the image!)

As the stroking reaches an inevitable climax and these boys shoot their streams of hot cum, there's only one thing missing from the game. Soggy biscuit anyone?













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