Monday, 20 June 2011

Two Straight Buddies Stroking

Tony (on the left) is the assistant coach of Chris' College Soccer team, and although they're pretty close in that sense neither has seen the other dude naked, not even in the showers after a game. But they're about to see a whole lot more of each other on their duo jerking session over at AmateurStraightGuys.

Tony has just split up with his girlfriend and when Chris mentions the possibility of some adult work now that he's single, he jumped at the chance!
Being a little competitive, the guys had a little bet going; the guy with bigger dick wins, and they put $100 on it. After the porn starts and the guys start massaging their dicks through their shorts they each strip off to reveal some impressive cocks, and neither can help taking a good look at their buddy either. And I have to say that I don't think their interest is purely monetary!
The guys compare their dicks and although one might be a tiny bit longer, the other is thicker, so they change the bet to see who can shoot that cum the furthest.
They get both cocks rock hard and stroking, lubing up their meat and jerking off to the porn side by side. But the bet changes again, and this time the winner is the first to shoot his cum load ON HIS BUDDY!
Check out show wins and splats his warm cum over his friend, and then watch as the loser gets a reward too as his cock is jerked and sucked to a shuddering cum shoot!

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