Monday, 22 August 2011

Josh and Andy wanted to earn some cash, so the two straight Marines hooked up with the guys at Buzz West to do some solo jerking videos. They weren't planning to do anything together, but when they were told there was only time to shoot one of them they agreed to jerk off together!

They had a little off-camera inspiration in the form of a hot chick to share their stroking with, and while the guys beat their meat she put on a little show for them. Poor Josh was so horny that the moment she got her tits out to flash the guys he unloaded a hot cum shot!
Far from being the end of his action, he just went right on stroking his shaft and built up a second cum load! Andy catches up with his buddy and just as Josh shoots his second round of semen he unloads too, timing their jism perfectly.

Josh is one really horny dude, and it seems he has plenty of cum in those balls because he strokes out another load in the shower too!

One of the best things about this video is watching the straight guys checking out their buddy while he strokes his cock. I'll bet with a little time and a little more cash they'd be up for stroking their buddy's cock for him.