Sunday, 28 August 2011

Straight Guy Felix Jerked Off

We all love those shoot of straight guys having their dick jerked off by another guy don't we? I found this new one over on the Buzz West site and wanted to share some of their images with you. The guy is in the pool, and he's always horny. His cock gets hard and he hops out of the pool to relax.
When Felix is offered some lube those hands start to apply it for him. He doesn't seem to mind though, and as he has his cock stroked for him by slippery hands he really gets into it and just relaxes with the feeling.
Check out the cum load this guy has, he shoots huge! And watch as he tries to dodge the cum spurts as they fly from his throbbing cock and are aimed right at his face :)

And although he's straight, having his cock stroked by another guy seems to do something for him, because he's soon groping to feel the hard dick of his new friend as he has his meat pleasured for him :)