Friday, 9 September 2011

Straight Buddies Stroking With Fleshlights

You guys know I fucking love the Fleshlight, and when I see a hot shoot with some guys enjoying them too I have to share it around and get more guys hooked on it. This shoot has everything for me... two straight buddies, hard and hung cocks, loads of cum, and the tasty Fleshlight fun too!

These guys are best buddies, but when they were asked to get in front of the cameras and jerk off together they were a little unsure about it. Both of the guys are totally straight, and while you'd think that two good friends would have done all of this together already, these guys haven't.
So although they were reluctant, when they were offered the chance to jerk off with a Fleshlight they were actually pretty interested in it and the concerns about them beating their meat together just melted away. Surprisingly, both guys are rock hard the moment those straight guy cocks are out in the open, and when they start jerking off with those toys they really get into it.
All guys love fucking those things, and I guess that's why they're the global best seller, but there's plenty of evidence of how hot they are when the guys each stand and stroke over the table and splash their hot cum loads.